Here is what will ensure you get approved for a logbook loan fast

The allure of logbook loans is informed by the fact that it is sold as a no credit check loan product. Credit checks have seen many individuals in the UK get declined for loans when they badly need it. It has been the cause of anguish and untold suffering especially in situations where a person is pressed financially and needs money like yesterday. Thanks to logbook loans, the process of applying for a loan is no longer as harrowing as it were in the pre-logbook loan days. In the contemporary society, it’s pretty easy to get approved for a logbook loan within 24 hours your credit score status notwithstanding.

That said, the difference between getting approved and rejected is informed by how you meet the following eligibility criteria.

Citizenship and residence

To be considered for a logbook loan, you must not only be a citizen but also reside within the larger UK. In other words, you cannot be considered for a logbook loan in the UK if you are just a temporal visitor and not bonafide citizen. Proof of residence and citizenship is required before a logbook loan lender can consider your application.

Car and ownership

A logbook loan is basically a secured type of loan where you sign over ownership of your car to the lender in exchange for the amount of money you need. However, you can’t just present any car to your lender as collateral. The law states that you must be the legal owner of the car you present as security. As such, any car that is not in your own name or which belongs to a spouse, a colleague or even a relative cannot be accepted as security. On the same wavelength, the said car should be in good condition. To this end, you are required to produce a Ministry of Transport (MOT) certificate before you can be considered.


If you think that you can be considered for a logbook loan yet you are below the age of 18 years, you are greatly mistaken. All contractual agreements entered into with minors are null and void. In other words, they are not enforceable in law. You MUST be 18 years of age or above and a person of sound mind.


While you might meet all the requirements and qualify for a logbook loan, if you don’t have an income source, this might be your undoing. Logbook loan lenders want to be sure that you have a source of income as proof that you can service your loan. If you are unemployed, how would you service your loan?

Insurance and tax details

In order for your car to be accepted as collateral, it not only needs to be in good condition but also its insurance and tax details need to be in order. You are also obligated to continue paying for the car insurance as you continue repaying the loan. A car whose insurance and tax details are not in order could jeopardise your logbook loan approval.

In conclusion, the aforementioned are very important if you are keen on getting approved for a logbook loan fast. While credit checks are not an issue, inability to meet any of the above could see your application getting rejected.