About us

Dubbed as a logbook loan lender of choice in the UK, War Loans has tirelessly worked to ensure that its customers get affordable logbook loans irrespective of their past financial situations. From inception, our main goal has been to help individuals whose credit scores have suffered a beating to get access to affordable credit facilities unconditionally. In a world where most individuals make poor financial decisions out of ignorance or simply desperation, War Loans has been at the forefront of ensuring that its customers make informed decisions through constant education.

We believe that our customers make or break us and therefore we take it upon ourselves to enlighten them on the merits and demerits of taking out a logbook loan as well as what they stand to lose should they make uninformed financial decisions. Our pool of customer representatives are highly educated, professional in every aspect and treated our valued customers with utmost respect. We endeavour to improve the circumstances of our customers and believe that the only way to do so is by ensuring that they are well informed, understand the benefits as well as risks of taking out a logbook loan.

That said, our logbook loan products are not only affordable but also designed to help our customers improve their financial situation. We are always willing to walk with you because we believe that your success ultimately informs our own.