From the outset, let’s state that at War Loans, our core objective and aim is to provide UK individuals reeling from less than average credit rating a second chance to make things right and enjoy the benefits that come with having an excellent credit rating in the future. We understand that borrowers with poor credit rating have in the past been on the receiving end of being looked down upon and being told that their goose is cooked. At War Loans, we advance a different narrative and tell our esteemed customers that it can be done and it will be done provided that they believe and have the zeal to go the whole way.


When we first made forays into the UK logbook loan market, many people were quick to write us off as a run off the mill kind of UK logbook loan lender. They couldn’t understand our business model or what inspired us to get into an industry that had grown in leaps and bounds but which the issue of swindling hung on its neck. To us, we were not about to take the road that many before us had taken with disastrous results. We wanted to be a UK logbook loan lender with a difference and if our stature in the market today is anything to go by, we can say that we continue to live by the ideals that first propelled us into the business of availing logbook loanslogbook Loans to our customers.

We understand that most people are increasingly at a loss to explain why most logbook loan lenders promise the heaven and deliver the earth. At War Loans, our key objective is not only to assist our customers get access to affordable logbook loans but also ensure that they get value out of it. We have invested greatly in our customer personnel with the sole aim of ensuring that they accord our customers nothing short of the best logbook loan services. We are not your regular logbook loan provider keen on making profits with little disregard to the financial situation of our customers.

Owing to the fact that we ascribe to total quality management principles, we can say without any fear of contradiction that our core business objective is customer satisfaction. How do we achieve this? Well, customer satisfaction is at the core of our success and has propelled us to the top provider that we are today. We believe that unsatisfied customers provide fodder for failure in any business setting and that is why we do everything within our power to ensure that we not only meet the basic needs of our customers but also exceed them beyond their expectations.

Continuous improvement and the need to always go beyond the call of duty when serving our customers is what informs our competitive edge in the UK logbook loan industry. We are not simply out to approve your logbook loan application but take the necessary measures to explain to you what a logbook loan is, how it works, the features of the logbook loan product, the different logbook loan options, the benefits you stand to benefit as well as what you stand to lose should you by bad luck be unable to service your loan.

We are passionate about making you understand ways in which a logbook loan can positively or negatively change your life and this explains why we are the leading logbook loan provider for most citizens with a poor credit rating. Affordability, respect to our customers, diverse logbook loan products not to forget innovative technologies are some of the things that have propelled us to become one of the top UK logbook loan providers. What’s more? We endeavour to approve applications within the shortest time and ensure that our customers get nothing short of excellent services!